About the Author

I am called L’iv  {pronounced “eL eve”

Really, I am NOT the Author!

This labor of Love has come from Co-Creativity of many in various forms. Simply, I am the Organizer / Orchestrator.

My Gift of learning to Balance the Creative and Analytical has brought me to inquire of Quantum Physics and Meta Physics.

I live simply from My Truth, with Clarity, Spontaneity, Self Awareness, and Presence. I’m a fairly easy going guy…a Philosopher & Frequency Scientist… ….a Bridger & a Messenger…     …and a Story Teller too…

 …with an inter-weaving background in Arts & Sciences, Business & Finance, Real Estate & Spirituality, ..yep, You read it right… with Degree and Post Grad work in Architecture and Construction Management Engineering preceded by strong science and math exposure.

I look for patterns…patterns that carry Frequencies that make up Energies…Energies of Creativity and Experience. And I am always in a learning mode! I am excited to let every One know what I have found and have opened to. A pattern that I have found consistent is that we confound things with our Questions, ALL Answers are simple:

                                        Unconditional Love

…really is the Magic of Life!!!

And my Lifestream experiences that have enticed me to this level of understanding and knowing are nothing short of incredible…

In-Joy your Journey in Loving Every One Unconditioned…

Live LOVE and Prosper!!!


All profits from these publications, guides, books,

work/playshops, videos  and movies go to fund a

 not for monetary profit  (we all profit with LOVE),

charitable, benevolent, and educational ministry*

expanding the

Energy of Unconditional Love.


*Ministry is a person or thing in Service accomplishing something.


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