Intro & Intent

Crop Circle


Spiraling  Circles

 Earth, Sea and Sky
Body, Mind and Soul
Masculine, Feminine and God Source
Heart, Spirit and Divine Essence…

On many levels of Frequencies, this symbol
is representational of the merging together,
going inward to Unity and Oneness….
…Opening within “to” the Source (God) “point”…
…and Expanding out into Creative Lifestream.

SOO00ooo… Breathe in and center yourself…
And Breathe out to expand yourself…
Or reverse it, if it feels better. It’s time to play!

The intent of this book is to Encourage the Reader to more fully understand and Experience Love… Unconditional Love… …to Awaken to that which we all already know in our Hearts.  

This is presented thru the Wisdom of Others, who already do know Unconditional Love, and still explore it more… These are sages and poets of old as well as today’s sages and poets, such as You, and I, and our Children.

In so doing, this book is intended to bridge culture, religion, and beliefs, moving us All to the Core of Love… Unconditional Love.

This intent is achieved by You doing your “homework” on Your-Self thru Self-Examination and Opening Within your Heart.

Un-like most other books, this book is intended as a keeper and sharer book, a user/reference book, if you will. Use this book in the moments You call for assistance. Place it on your nightstand or in your purse, computer bag, coat or jeans pocket.

 …Charlie, (Charles Richard Williams II), a Beautiful Friend, stated in parable form:  “As You walk along your Path in this Journey of Life and pick up a pebble from your shoe  and it hold at close range directly in front of your eye… You have Choice! It can be held and seen as that current blockade in front of You obscuring your vision; or You can toss it aside and view it on the Path as just another  beautiful pebble along your Life  Journey.”

Beauty, Harmony, Peace and Joy and Abundance  and Love and Prosperity, etc are…

“…just a matter of where You put your Focus in that Moment!!!“…

 Happy trails and Joyous Journey!

…and Prosper!!!
L’ iv

© Crop circle image by Lucy Pringle

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