Guide Excerpt: from the section entitled “the Definition of Love”

And here is a shorter excerpt from the Guide in the Chapter 2, a section called: “the Definition of Love”
…perhaps it will give You an intro to the sub-title:   “FUNdamental Steps in Unconditional Love”.


{Begin excerpt}

Like the Eskimo’s have many words for types of snow,
unlike the Western Cultures, there are among other
cultures and religions these many expressions of the various
“names” of various types of Love Energy and/or Deity.
The “West” have 1 word for all the many
various frequencies that they call “love”.
No wonder western folk are so confused
when it comes to LOVE.

Here are only a few of them.

Al-wadud ~1 of 99 names of Allah(God)“the Loving One”
Ishq ~ Divine Love
[Sufism/ Arabic]
Bhakti ~ “loving devotion to God Supreme”
Kama~sexual, pleasurable love personified by Kamadeva
Prema ~ Elevated Love
Hesed ~ compassion integrated with affection
Ahava ~ interpersonal Love as well as Love of God
Lian ~ a virtuous benevolent Love
Ai ~ Universal Love towards all beings
[Chinese/ Mozi / original name Mo Di]
Kama ~ sensuous and sexual love
Karuna ~ compassion and mercy
Advesa ~ Unconditional Benevolent Love


The Key Point here is:

Be clear that “Frequencies” such as intrigue, need, loneliness, manipulation, fascination, path of least resistance, infatuation, co-dependence, etc., are recognized and taken for what they are, rather than some confused or missed-interpreted illusion mistaken for Love.


In an interview, one {8-12 yr old} child’s expression of Love is:

“Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt,
then he wears it everyday.”

    What it boils down to is this:

{End of Excerpt}

Ahhhh! You will have to read the Guide for this.

 SOOO000ooo…….Let go of the baggage that holds You back.

Get into the innocence of your Inner child. Or that of your dog …where memories and judgments have no foundation.

Take a moment right NOW, get quiet and tap that Innocence, then holding that Innocence, come forth and PLAY.
…Knowing that Fun IS a frequency of the Energy of
Unconditioned LOVE.

In-Joy your Jounery with the FUNdamental Steps in
Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love REALLY IS … The Magic of Life!

Always Live LOVE
…and Always Prosper!!!
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